Thursday, May 12, 2005

Now is your chance to dance

I saw Windom Earle last night at Reflections. Man it was awesome. So full of energy and other musical delights. I was rocking this way and that, it was so fun. I tried talking to some dudes after the show and it was awkward. Felt like a junior high sock hop all over again. At least they weren't wearing those Von Douche trucker hats. I wanna connect with people but I never like talking to someone unless it's about something that excites me, otherwise it's this massive chore. It's a terrible quality in a fella.

For the importance of reiteration: Windom Earle kicked my tits off.

I have been writing a script since February for a project I've been wanting to write for a few years. I never had the ambition to actually put it to paper for fear of it being too self-indulgent. But I've become comfortable with the fact that it is in no other way exactly that, intentionally so, and lends itself perfectly to the story I wanna tell. Also there is this character called Edward Insano, which is the origin of that name I use for everything. I like it, but I may change it later on because I would be weary of sounding too much like Donnie Darko.

I bought a big TV and am now one of those people. Mark Palermo came over and we watched The Curse of the Phantom's Menace, also known as Star Wars Negative Integer 1. It was better than I remembered. It sucks that a supposed space fun fantasy flick has to be bogged down with political rhetoric and awful dialogue, but was still enjoyable because of Liam Neeson's awesome screen presence as Qui Gon Jinn. Man I love him in that movie. Every other character can fuck off.


Anonymous 'puke said...

The movie needed more gay witches.

9:02 PM  

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